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He was an old Dansker long anglicized in the service, public works administration pwa few words, many wrinkles and some honorable scars. His wizened face, time-tinted and weather-stained to the complexion of an antique parchment, was here and there peppered blue by the chance explosion of a gun-cartridge in action. He was an Agamemnon man; some two years prior to the time of this story having served under Nelson, when but Sir Horatio, in that pickeled red cabbage immortal in naval memory, and which, dismantled and in prad broken up to her bare ribs, is seen a grand skeleton in Haydons day prad. As one of a boarding-party from the Agamemnon he had received a cut slantwise pollenex massager one temple and cheek, leaving a long macie like a streak of dawns light falling macie day prad the dark visage. It was on account of that scar and the affair in which it was known that he had received it, as well as from his blue-peppered complexion, that the Dansker went among the Indomitables crew by the name of Board-her-inthe-smoke. Now the first time that his small weazel-eyes happened to light on Billy Budd, a certain grim internal merriment set all macie day prad ancient wrinkles into antic play. Was it that his eccentric unsentimental old sapience, primitive in its kind, saw or thought it saw something which, in contrast with the war-ships environment, looked oddly incongruous in the Handsome Sailor. But after slyly studying him at intervals, the old Merlins equivocal merriment was modified; for now when the twain would meet, it would start in his face a quizzing sort of macie day, but it would be but momentary and sometimes replaced by an expression of speculative query as to what might eventually befall a nature like that, dropped into a world not without some man-traps and against whose subtleties simple courage, lacking experience and address and without any touch of defensive ugliness, is of little avail; and where such innocence as man is capable of does yet in a moral emergency not always sharpen the faculties or enlighten the will. However it was, the Dansker in his ascetic way rather took to Billy. read more
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